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Actuarial science and IT at your service

Is your actuarial plan up to date? Can your benefits be better managed?  How can you stay agile?  Our experts can advise you on how to improve your performance.


No matter what actuarial plan you have already been offered, there are ways to do better. This is how we do it: we bring a new perspective and offer solutions you never thought of before. We can do this because we are constantly improving and we have a perfect understanding of group insurance, pension plans and other employee benefit ecosystems. And we put all our energy into making sure you benefit from our know-how.


The right system to manage your benefits

Running a business daily, making sure you have the right people in the right places, is already a lot. When it comes to the digital environment that manages payroll, time off, retirement bonuses, do you feel overwhelmed? In 10 hours, we can get to the bottom of your problems and generate solutions adapted to your reality.


Your system must be designed to include employee benefits. This is where our unique expertise comes in. We are experts in actuarial calculations, but we also understand the computer systems behind them.


Our unique vision stems from our experience with many systems, in different contexts and environments. We quickly identify areas for improvement, limitations, or time savings.


We point out the problems, analyze your system and advise you on how to optimize everything. We can also create an efficient system process from scratch.
Our purpose is to be faster, more agile, and more efficient.

 Borderless solutions

Our clients are global leaders in their field, across all sectors, including finance, pharmaceutical, insurance and healthcare services. We help them better understand the technical process (software/platforms) for benefits management.

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