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Gahnic Services & Consulting Scoops The Most Innovative Benefits Management Firm - North America - Award 

Winner of Most Innovative Benefits Management Firm - North America -2022  in Wealth & Finance International Awards. 

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Pension plans | Group insurance | Other benefits

 Ensure the continuity of your benefits policy, remotely.

We manage your employee benefits remotely, whenever you need it

Labor shortages are hitting us all hard. No matter what happens, your company must remain productive. If your HR agent suddenly leaves or becomes ill, you will still need to provide calculations for life and health insurance, group annuities, pension plans and many other issues.


That’s where our actuaries and consultants come in. Our experts take away this stress by taking control of your calculations remotely, with your software, in complete security. Unlike traditional actuarial consulting firms, we specialize in operational actuarial services, with no long-term commitment and no need for training. In short, we help you keep your employees happy and enhance the performance of your organization.

A beneficial approach for you and your employees

  • No extra work for your staff

  • No resumes, interviews, training, or bad hires

  • No unhappy employees because of mistakes, delays, or oversights

  • No long-term contracts and no additional costs

Gahnic expertise is:

  • We fully understand employee benefits and the actuarial field

  • We master the computer systems and their flaws

  • We are responsive and ready to start helping you as of tomorrow

  • We offer transparent, high quality, collaborative service

  • Our service is time and cost savings

Services to help your business reach its full potential

Emergency or temporary relief in

managing your benefits:

Our team of experts can manage your benefits, payroll, retirement, separation, death, etc. calculations remotely.

Optimized processes and technologies:​

We advise you on the best benefit platforms and software to save you time and money.​


About Gahnic

Gahnic is a technology and human resources services firm that specializes in emergency relief and consulting. We are at the junction point of computer systems and employee benefits expertise. Our innovative services help companies stay successful. We are the smart, cost-effective alternative to labor shortages.


 Awards & Distinction

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Press Mentions

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Ensure the continuity of your benefits policy, remotely.

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