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Gahnic: optimizing employee benefits 

At Gahnic, we see problems as opportunities to improve. As the labor shortage was exacerbated by the pandemic, we came up with the idea of combining two of our areas of expertise to help companies remain successful.


Building on our knowledge in actuarial science and computer systems, we created an emergency relief service. This innovation allows companies to continue to operate normally even if no one in-house is handling employee benefits. Our actuaries take control of employee benefits remotely, working with our clients’ software and systems. This means no more payroll delays and no calculation errors. This service is provided on an ad hoc basis, until our clients find the right resource to manage their benefits.

A mission inspired by our experience working with businesses

We provide outstanding consulting services, process and technology optimization, benefits management, and retirement calculations, to help organizations maintain their full potential.

Values that make your business valuable


We do things differently because we see problems from a different perspective. We are constantly learning new ways to offer you solutions that are out of the ordinary.


Our communications, solutions and work are 100% transparent and always collaborative.


We react quickly and find agile solutions so your business can continue to operate without being held back.


Our specialists are not only technical experts in employee benefits.

They also share a culture of excellence, a duty of confidentiality, and a mindset: that of a generation of professionals who have embraced the digital revolution to redefine the way we work together.


Driven by a taste for challenge, they take advantage of the freedom offered by remote work to offer maximum capacity and deadlines adapted to our clients' expectations.

With them, we can affirm that we can always accompany you, and everywhere.


Our leaders


Danielle Varela

Executive Director

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A graduate of HEC Montréal and holder of several Society of Actuaries exams, Danielle has more than a decade of experience in a group insurance and pension consulting firm.

After identifying the market's need for emergency or temporary relief in benefits and pension plan management, she decided to found Gahnic in 2020. Her idea? To mitigate the short-term risks of a lack of specialized personnel by offering organizations targeted support through new technologies.


A fan of "doing things differently", rigorous and resolutely operational, Danielle advocates a flexible, secure, and personalized approach to meet the needs of each client.


Guillaume Conrad

Associate Consultant - Business Analyst and IT operations

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Support without fail: that's Guillaume's motto. His pragmatism combined with his impressive track record as a business analyst in the technology sector make him the manager of choice to support Gahnic's growth.

Appreciated for his thoroughness, attention to detail, and humor, he has an uncommon sense of analysis. Accustomed to taking on complex challenges in a variety of industries, he provides concrete and constant support to our clients.

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