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To date, Gahnic has carried out fews projects in a differents types of sectors. Our experience with these projects has enriched our know-how and operational excellence.

Here are just some of our achievements.

Replacement of an employee on short notice

Business context: 

  • Company size: between 500 to 1000 employees

  • Unplanned leave of absence within the “Pension Administration Group” client service delivery team for medical reasons.

Quickly resume payroll and benefits management

Business context:

  • Company size of 70 employees

  • Resignation of the Payroll and Benefits Manager. Management decided to replace her the employee with an HR Consultant specialized in benefits.

Payroll and benefits group insurance project management

Business context:

  • Company size: 1020 employees

  • Implementation of a new payroll and benefits system; management decided to hire an HR project manager specialized in benefits.

  • Worked under tight deadlines

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