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Payroll and benefits group insurance project management

Business context

  • Company size: 1020 employees

  • Implementation of a new payroll and benefits system; management decided to hire an HR project manager specialized in benefits

  • Worked under tight deadlines



  • To quickly fill the position of Benefits and Pension Project Manager


Mandate duration

  • 8 months


Resolved issues

  • Ensured a high-quality implementation and configuration of the payroll processing solution according to the needs of the client and the activities of HR and insurance companies or others

  • Trained users on the new ways of doing things

Gahnic's service offering

  • Project management

  • Resources and schedules coordination

  • Management of project schedules, backlogs and priorities in accordance with program management requirements

  • Lead the deployment and post-deployment relationship with the client

  • Plan and coordinate all aspects of the technical projects from inception to closure

  • Optimize processes as required


Method used for remote work 

  • Computer provided by the company; connected to their own network

  • Account and login provided by the company


Gahnic's added value

  • Expertise and knowledge of the business sector

  • Near-instant availability made possible by our REMOTE SERVICES

  • Project manager assisted by a business analyst

  • Complete charge of the product component backlog, established priorities and sequencing between the client's multiple priorities as well as managed dependencies between the different teams

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams throughout the project life cycle and communicate project statuses to cross-functional teams and management

  • Coordinate with stakeholders to develop and guide requirements for improvements and development projects

  • Plan and coordinate all aspects of technical projects from inception to closure


Value delivered to the client

  • Full & smooth payroll recovery

  • Decision making guides were proposed to the client prior to their configuration in order to help them manage their employee benefits

  • Full transparency in the change of payroll and group insurance provider for the employees

In addition, savings were generated for the client by establishing process optimizations which were achieved during this project

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