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Replacement of an employee on short notice

Business background

  • Company of 500-1000 employees

  • Rushed medical departure from a resource within the Pension Administration Group Client Service Team.


  • Fill the vacant actuarial assistant function

Mandate's duration  

  • 6 months

Issues to be resolved

  • Ensure the sustainability of tasks daily tasks

  • Secure the production of annual employee benefit statements

  • Overcome work overload to guarantee the well-being of employees

Gahnic service offering

  • Participate in the production of annual statements

  • Support in operational production: update maintain databases as well as participants' files

  • Produce various benefit calculations (retirement, departure, divorce) and others (calculation of PAR and PA, indexation of pensions) within the required deadlines

  • Improve the procedures in place, if necessary

  • Resume daily tasks at a moment's notice

Option used for remote work 

  • Citrix via VPN connection provided by the company

  • Account and username provided by the company

Gahnic added value

  • Expertise and our knowledge of the industry

  • Almost instantaneous availability made possible thanks to our REMOTE SERVICES

  • Operational immediately: No training required just the task procedure has been provided and contextualized.


Customer benefit

  • Solve with ease the issues caused by an unplanned lack of manpower

  • Keeping the emphasis on your profession rather than dealing with the challenges

  • Peace of mind by entrusting specific work to a resource specialized in the subject

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