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Quickly resume payroll and benefits management

Business context

  • Company size of 70 employees

  • Resignation of the Payroll and Benefits Manager. Management decided to replace her the employee with an HR Consultant specialized in benefits



  • Fill the position of Benefits and Pension Consultant


Mandate duration

  • One-year, renewable / 20 hours weeks


Resolved issues

  • Ensured sound administration of benefit programs such as group insurance, pension plans, short- and long-term disability as well as employee well being, including supplier management

  • Secured the production of payroll

  • Reduced claims processing backlog

  • Optimized efficiency and productivity of employees by providing a training on latest techniques and processes


Gahnic's service offering

  • Manage the depatment

  • Take charge of daily tasks in short notice

  • Document and create new operational procedures if required

  • Stand-in as a technical resource for payroll and benefits/retirement related matters

  • Ensure the production of the payroll


Method used for remote work 

  • Remote connection via VPN connection (provided by the company)

  • Account and login provided by the company


Gahnic's added value

  • Expertise and knowledge of the business sector

  • Nearly instantaneous availability made possible by our REMOTE SERVICES

  • Quality and prompt accessibility of our services for employees and managers; quick resolution of issues, skillful and knowledgeable advice for each and any situation

  • Documentation and creation of existing and new operational procedures for production schedules

  • Advise on best practices to be implemented and supervise in order to optimize the efficiency of the sector


Value delivered to the client

  • Easily & rapidly resolved issues caused by unplanned labor shortages

  • Improved social climate by resolving many outstanding cases

  • Tailored support offered from a specialist to ensure compliance with the employer's legal obligations

  • Maintained focus on the business rather than on the issues

  • Peace of mind by entrusting specific work to a resource specialized in the field


In addition: Decision making reports were offered to the client in order to help them manage their employee benefits prior to their configuration


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